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Stories passed down throughout our families from generation to generation about how they survived the great depression.

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Living the Basics is a site made by a not so tech savvy couple who just want to share the information and skills we gather while attempting to live life a little more simple and resourcefully.

Eating Well On A Budget

Learn how to feed a family of 3 an organic, free range diet for less than $200 a month with these money saving worksheets.

Chickens For Beginners

The most popular animal for people to begin with is chickens. The reason for this is they are pretty easy to care for, have a great feed to meat ratio and of course, produce eggs. If you are considering welcoming chickens to your backyard or homestead, this beginner’s guide should help you find a good starting point.

Home White Bread Recipe

There is something special about making homemade bread and it makes the whole house smell amazing! Additionally, you get to choose what goes into it. This is a great recipe for beginners. It is also a ideal base to practice with and change until you find what works best due to the versatile nature.

Easy Homemade Vinegar

There are several methods to making vinegar and you can use many different ingredients. This recipe is my favorite, because it gives me a way to use leftover scraps when I make recipes with apples. This is super easy and I believe the only reason everyone doesn’t do this is because they don’t know about it!

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