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Easy Homemade Vinegar

There are several methods to making vinegar and you can use many different ingredients. 

This recipe is my favorite, because it gives me a way to use leftover scraps when I make recipes with apples. 

This is super easy and I believe the only reason everyone doesn’t do this is because they don’t know about it!

All you need is your apple wastes such as bruised fruit, peels, and cores.  For safety, a pinch of yeast insures that it will be acidic enough to have no risk of mold.  You can do this without yeast, but only if you are comfortable!  

You put these in a jar or crock as you have them.  This does not have to be all at once, it can be each time you make a recipe.

Cover these with cold water.

You will want the whole thing covered.  I use a couple layers of cheese cloth and a rubber band.

Store in a warm, dark place and allow to ferment.

This will take some time.  Up to 6 months. 

Once it tastes strong enough, all that is left to do is strain, pour into a bottle, and cork.

We love using these bottles for ourselves, and for gifting our vinegar.

This may seem like a lot when vinegar is easy to come by anyway, but it is a great way to use what would otherwise be waste and tastes amazing!

Living The Basics