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Simple and Resourceful Living

Living The Basics: Simple Living

Chickens For Beginners

The most popular animal for people to begin with is chickens. The reason for this is they are pretty easy to care for, have a great feed to meat ratio and of course, produce eggs. If you are considering welcoming chickens to your backyard or homestead, this beginner’s guide should help you find a good starting point.

Eating Well On A Budget

I have to brag on someone else for a minute. I have been reading page after page of ideas for living simply and one of the main ideas over and over again is saving money. Many of us have not reached it yet, but the idea behind this lifestyle is to remove yourself from the rat race and the never ending money in, money out of society and have more of a role in just living!

The Idea Of Simple Living

As the name of this website suggests, we are really interested in the idea of living a life back to the basics. Both Donnie and I hate the work crunch and the endless hours of playing catch up around the house when we are both working. When we dug a bit further, we also discovered that what gave us the most feeling of accomplishment was actually our hobbies.

Meat Rabbits For Beginners

Rabbits are a great animal to start out with on the journey to self sufficiency. They are healthy and lean, easy to take care of, have a great feed to meat conversion, and, of course, breed like rabbits. So what do you need to get started? Not much really, but we did make sure to read up on it first.

Reducing Waste at Home

Waste seems to be taking over the world. Here are some simple ways to reduce waste around the house and leave less of a footprint.

Planning A Well

Humans have been utilizing wells to bring them clean water for thousands of years. Learn how to plan for your very own water source.

Surviving The Great Depression

Stories passed down throughout our families from generation to generation about how they survived the great depression.

Living The Basics