Living The Basics

Simple and Resourceful Living

Here I will post some quick tips every so often as I think of them.  Most will have to do with gardening, but there may be a few others in there.  I’ll have to remember to add this to my blog as I go so you won’t miss them!

Garden Tips

  1. Have cold coffee?  Don’t throw it out!  Coffee is rich in nitrogen.  Use it to water your garden 🙂
  2. You know those seedling trays at the big stores that the plants are brought to the garden section in?  Most stores save these and give them away for free!  It never hurts to ask and saves a couple bucks!
  3. Most people buy seedlings instead of starting them themselves.  Plant a few extra seeds to sell and cover your own costs!
  4. Compost after harvest, before winter.  This way it has time to work itself into the soil before it is time to plant again.
  5. Grow onion, garlic, and chives to reduce insects.
  6. Grow marigolds  to attract bees and repel slimy invaders (slugs, beetles).  They are an especially great companion to tomatoes.
Living The Basics